Cultural heritage along the Baltic Sea


Cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea region is a jewel in the crown. It contains both common and individual elements of Polish, German and Lithuanian history. Specific identity of the region, richness of arts, architecture and tradition make every visit here a memorable experience.

Each of the region's coexisting cultures has left their own marks on the region. It all constitutes to what can be compared to a beautiful journey through centuries. The most prominent examples were put on the UNESCO list.

Visit a vibrant metropolis, explore a beautiful historic city, enjoy unique architecture – every day there is a majestic castle, a stylish palace, a royal residence, an interesting museum awaiting you. Under the category “culture” you can inform yourself about towns and cities along the Baltic Sea, detect UNESCO world heritage sites that can be found there, spot fascinating routes and recommended sights at the Baltic Sea and dip into the tradition and events that the culture at the Baltic Sea comprises.


Towns & Cities along the Baltic Sea

At the Baltic Sea there are many cities and towns with a rich history, popular traditions, a vibrant cultural life and unique architecture. They have become outstandingly attractive centres of tourism. Every step you make in towns and cities at the Baltic Sea Region will take you to ancient buildings, beautiful avenues, stylish interiors and works left by master artists long gone. It´s really worth to know how much of Europe´s treasure is within your reach.


Unesco & Heritages

Baltic Sea countries offer sightseeing places that are original and worth seeing. There are historic towns, castles and minsters that have been awarded the title of UNESCO World Heritage. For example the castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork in 1997, the historic centres of Stralsund und Wismar in 2002 and the Curonian Spit in 2000. On your trip along the coast of the Baltic Sea you can enjoy these and other places, castles, palaces and old towns! 


Routes & Sights to historical monuments

We will take you on fascinating journeys through beautiful scenery and give you the chance to see historical monuments. Some of the routes used to be ancient trade routes for example for the transfer of amber. Sights along the routes are further displayed, like museums that remind guests on the great history of the Baltic Sea countries and their riches.


Events & Tradition in the region

There is always something going on in the Baltic Sea Region. In the summertime there are numerous outdoor events, some of them take place in lovely neighborhood of the sea itself. Folk festivals and shows provide an excellent opportunity for meeting regional cuisine, arts, handicraft and local produce.