A paradise for active travelers and lovers of the Sea


The natural and cultural treasures of the Baltic Sea Region are best discovered by hiking, biking and boating. Far from the hectic pace and noise of the city, protected paradises of nature provide plenty of space for adventures. An extensive network of hiking and cycle paths has been constructed which connects proud Hanseatic cities and idyllic fishing villages, crystal-clear lakes and the rippling sea. Sailing enthusiasts are invited to sail the Baltic Sea waters along many routes. They will find a well-developed infrastructure with multiple ports, docks and piers and can enjoy the diverse characteristics of the Baltic Sea coast from the deck!

Kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling ... you can try it out. Windsurfers and kitesurfers from round the world come here to discover the perfect natural conditions as well as the necessary infrastructure, excellent training staff and equipment. What is more, water sport enthusiasts will enjoy the richness of the Baltic Sea, with its wide range of protected marine flora and fauna, the unique Baltic seaside resort architecture, lighthouses, maritime events and culinary delights.

Under the category “maritime” you can inform yourself about possibilities to discover the Baltic Sea in an active way, detect interesting routes and recommended sights and review maritime events.


For active holidays

The natural wealth of the Baltic Sea region is best discovered actively outdoors. Visitors can experience the natural beauty and the cultural diversity of the Baltic Sea Region close-up on signposted hiking paths, cycle routes and waterways. The well-developed infrastructure offers unforgettable adventures even for the inexperienced. Guided tours are just as popular as solitary routes. Individual stages and day destinations can be combined and linked to one’s liking. Many hotels, guest houses and camping sites are well prepared for the active holidaymaker’s needs.


Sun & Beaches along the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea means golden sand beaches, a sea fresh breeze and screeching seagulls. From amber catching over the traditional beach basket to the fascinating beach resorts  – the Baltic Sea offers a great setting for an unforgettable beach holiday. The island of Usedom in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for example is a popular holiday destination, because the island counts the most hours of sunshine per year.

Interesting Routes and Sights

Like the Baltic Sea Region and its inhabitants, the sights, routes and attractions have also retained their very varied and maritime character. The cultural development and wealth of the Hanseatic period can still be marveled at today´s times in many castles, churches and town centres along the Baltic Sea coast.


Events in the region

Holiday destinations as the Baltic Sea welcome you with waves and seagulls. Lovers of fresh air enjoy the wind caressing their faces by and on the water while visiting one of the numerous sails and regattas, fleet parades or dragon boat races. Whether it is sailors' meetings, surfing and canoeing championships, fishing competitions or diving events - at the long coast of the Baltic Sea there is always something going on.