Unique natural landscapes by the sea



Nature is one of the Baltic region’s most valuable assets and has cast its spell on people for centuries. Protecting and conserving it is of particular importance. National parks, nature parks and biosphere reserves help to conserve rare plants and animal species.

The Baltic Sea coastal landscape, characterized by wind and waves, steep cliffs and fine sandy beaches, islands and bays, trees shaped by the wind and thousand-year-old oaks is worth a visit all year round. Migrating birds - especially cranes - make an unforgettable, incomparable natural spectacle for several weeks in spring and autumn. Rügen’s chalk cliffs with their gleaming cliff line, the Curonian Spit with its giant shifting dunes or the Wolin National Park, the first coastal nature park in Poland give a glimpse of the geological development of the Baltic Sea Region.

Incomparable recuperation awaits the visitor in the midst of unspoiled nature away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Under the category “nature” you can inform yourself about unique natural highlights that are highly recommended not to be missed during a visit to the Baltic Sea, protected areas are introduced and you can find here further activities in the natural scenery of the Baltic Sea.


Places you have to see

In each Baltic Sea country there are places that you simply must see. They are stunning, rare, original and enchanting. We invite you to admire the power of the beautiful nature of the Baltic Sea coast! To these belong for example the majestic birds “cranes” and their singing and migration, the lagoon Curonian Spit which is even listed as a UNESCO site and diverse national parks.


Protected Areas

National Parks shape the natural scenery of the Baltic Sea. Here you can find many forests and lakes, which natural resources have been declared to national parks and landscape parks. Enjoy them on foot or by bicycle! 


Activities along the region

The South Baltic Sea destination is rich in water resources and it doesn't matter whether it is the Baltic Sea itself or the numerous rivers or lakes. Tourists cannot turn their eyes away from the water. The Baltic Sea coast is a paradise for cyclists. A large number of trails and cycle paths will satisfy even the most demanding biking enthusiasts. It is, however, also an opportunity for recreation for the whole family. Just as well you can explore the beauty of the landscape on foot! Guided hiking routes are especially famous at the Island of Rügen. Here guides invite guests annually in autumn and spring to discover the awakening nature for inspiring hiking tours, for example along the famous chalk cliffs – the landmark of the island.