Exclusive natural resources for a sustainable wellness holiday


Enjoy the healthy, salty breeze on Germany’s sunniest coast. Chill out in the sea or relax in a luxurious spa on the Polish Baltic Sea coast. These and many other opportunities for your wellness treatment are easily available in the German-Polish, cross-border coastal region. Or you can enjoy the best seaside spa in Lithuania and then visit some of Europe’s highest dunes on the Curonian Spit. The cross-border Baltic Sea Region comprises a series of seaside resorts and stunning coastal landscapes. It offers original high-quality health and wellness services combined with diverse opportunities for other lifestyle leisure activities.

The Baltic Sea health resorts have long-standing traditions of cherishing medical spa treatments, based on the local natural curative resources. Choose from numerous Baltic Sea spas that are awarded the Eurospa Med Certificate!

Under the category “spa & health” you can inform yourself about spa and health traditions at the Baltic Sea, discover grand golf courses, have a glimpse at the seaside resorts and detect culinary delights along the coast.


Spa treatments

The Baltic Sea spas are particularly famous for their longstanding traditions of cherishing treatments based on local natural curative resources. Many spas in the region, particularly in Poland, offer treatments using peat pulp, local berries and herbs. In the spas on the Island of Rügen in Germany, you can enjoy local chalk baths. Many Lithuanian spas offer amber therapy.


Health therapies

Diverse medical treatments are offered at the Baltic Sea health resorts, using traditional and modern technologies and medical knowledge in hydrotherapy and physiotherapy: from therapeutic application of mineral waters and mud (peloid) to remedial massage therapy, to magnetic laser therapy, to cryotherapy. Medical treatments are offered at certified rehabilitation clinics and spas.


Golf regions for a better handicap

The seaside climate, diverse landscapes and splendid master class facilities make the Baltic Sea coastal region an excellent place for golf enthusiasts. There are many golf facilities in the seaside region, of various degree of difficulty, organizing numerous tournaments and international golf events. What is important, the facilities are open also to those, who are not club members.


Resorts for a better regeneration

The cross-border Baltic Sea Region comprises a series of seaside resorts and stunning natural landscapes. These resorts offer high-quality health and wellness services, as well as medical treatments in the rehabilitation clinics and spas. These can be combined with diverse opportunities for lifestyle & leisure activities.


Excellent cuisine

The cuisine of the Baltic Sea area is as unique and diverse as the whole region. It is where tradition mixes with talent and inspiration of chefs, who serve top-class dishes and sophisticated ancient recipes.