Travel facts upon your arrival to the Baltic Sea


All the information, inspirations and stories arouse the desire to plan the next holiday at the Baltic Sea. In order to design your arrival as easy as possible, on the following pages we have arranged for you an overview of travel facts and important information upon your arrival to the Baltic Sea.

Whether cultural, active, beach or wellness holidays, the first step to a memorable and relaxing holiday starts with preparing and planning the trip. 

Please find under the category “travel facts” important information about the Baltic Sea as a holiday destination, countries that border to the Baltic Sea, different ways of arrival and get inspired by impressions about the Baltic Sea. 


The Destination Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea - well known for its natural beauty, clean water and safe environment - invites to discover coastal strips with white sandy beaches, beautiful fishermen's villages and seaside resorts. It also beckons to explore the inner land with unspoiled nature, rich cultural heritage and colorful cities and villages. Nine countries adjoin to the Baltic Sea, which makes the area one of the most diversified and fascinating travel destinations worldwide. Further geographical information is to be found.

Countries along the region

Almost a hundred million people live near the Baltic Sea: Danes, Estonians, Finns, Germans, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, Swedes and Russians. You will love these nine countries with their spectacular countryside and their unique heritage sites. Charming Hanseatic towns and Baltic Sea resorts as well as magical small villages are waiting for you. Allow yourself to be captivated by the countries' rich history and their culinary diversity. Whether you come here for bird-watching, to spend a beach holiday with your family or to go hiking, the Baltic Sea countries will welcome you with warm hospitality and give you unforgettable memories. Try to find the gold of the ocean in its sparkling blue water or just look out over that vast and wide Baltic Sea stretching to the horizon.


Travel by…

There are different ways to arrive to the Baltic Sea. Airline connections with and between Germany, Lithuania and Poland are excellent. Flight connections are easy to reach thanks to airports among others in: Hamburg, Berlin, Kopenhagen, Warszawa, Gdansk, Kaliningrad, Riga and Vilnius.

Further, getting the maritime ambience already by arrival, the arrival by waterway is another option. Between Germany, Lithuania and Poland there are many ferry connections across the Baltic Sea. Companies offering ferry travel to and from Germany, Lithuania and Poland are amongst others Scandlines, TT-Lines, Stenaline and Polferries.

The railway network is also well established. Domestic and international Railway routes enable you to reach most of the cities and towns at the Baltic Sea.

By car you can easily reach your holiday destination on the German, Polish and Lithuanian coast by using well-developed roads and road networks. At airports, in bigger towns and cities you can as well rent a car.